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Yes, You Can Contribute to This Mission

As someone once quoted 'one might go faster when going solo, but reach farther when going with a group': for this mission to be successful it's not about how quickly we reach a small goal but how far we go with our ultimate goal. So we need all the help we can get from each and every one of you as every drop counts (however big or small it is). Consider this as a good karma activity and there are 3 levels of it - see below.

Level 1: Good Karma

This is the basic and least involved help you can do. This won't take much of your time or effort other than doing simple things.

  • Follow some of the self-sufficiency principles either from this site or the ones you like to reduce the footprint on the planet.

  • Share this mission (and link to this page) with your friends and colleagues as they might be interested in contributing just like you

  • Consider following us on one of these social profiles (or better all of them) to spread this word better

  • Consider subscribing to our YouTube channel which would eventually help us meet the goal (whenever we can monetize the channel)

Level 2: Best Karma

This is the next level for your good karma and involves a slight bit of engagement from you. This level assumes that you have already done the items from good karma level.

  • Take it to the next level in the self-sufficiency principles and make it more like a lifestyle as opposed to simply following few tips here and there.

  • Engage a bit by liking the posts/videos, adding comments, and share the posts/videos for greater reach which translates into better ad revenue eventually

  • Consider using affiliate links below or the ones in the articles for your purchases. You won't pay anything extra however there would be a small commission for this org.

Level 3: God Mode Karma

This is the top level of our good karma activities and involves a greater bit of engagement and time commitment from you. Again, this level assumes that you have already done the items from the best karma level above.

  • If you have expertise in writing blog articles, please reach out to us directly and we will give access to you to be able to create content on this site. The current categories we have in mind are gardening, DIYs, travel, self sufficiency, mindfulness, recipes, and IT stuff.

  • If you are into videos and have a good collection that you would like to donate for this channel, please reach out to us directly.

  • If you are an expert in social media management, we would gladly take your help in managing our accounts to keep the interaction going.

  • If you have expertise in SEO, please help this site in that regard so that posts show up better in search results.

That's all from this post and hope to hear back from all of you reading this post. Peace !!!

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