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How Are We Doing? Track the Progress

For our goal, we have chosen two organizations: and as a starting point and will revisit the choices later (like adding more) as time progresses. They were chosen based on the Charity Navigator site reviews around how much of the donations actually goes to the cause vs operational costs.

As with everything else, we have to go one step at a time. So while we wait for our ultimate goal (at-least 100 children sponsorships in addition to more contributions towards helping animals) to come to reality, here is the current status of where we are with some of the contributions. We plan to keep the record of progress along with the latest stats in this page.

As of July 2022

A small step but a step in the right direction towards the goal. We have our second member and author who also wants to maintain anonymity so we name her - Selina Kyle. And, our goal reached to 3 sponsored children for now !!

As of July 2021

A small set of contributions from the initiator of this mission. Since there is an interest to remain anonymous, let's pick a name and call the Author - Bruce Wayne.

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